Basic Must Know Duties And Rights About Balcony Garden

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Am I allowed to plant on my balcony? Yes, You can turn your balcony into a garden, but you have to respect a few rules.

In order to avoid accidents such as falling pots, and to respect the aesthetics of the building, you must place your flower pots and planters inside the railing. If you wish to install a balcony garden, make sure that your climbing plants do not overflow into the neighbor’s house or invade the facade. You should therefore prune them regularly.

Also pay attention to run-off or infiltration of water from the watering system. By using a fine rainwater sprinkler and placing saucers under your pots, you will avoid flooding the neighbor below.

Loads on the balcony are also limited, averaging 350 kg/m² for recent buildings. Therefore, as much as possible, favor medium-sized pots. Other details can be mentioned in the condominium regulations, which you should absolutely consult before installing anything.

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My Advice if You Are Held Responsible of Damages

If you are held responsible for any damage or accidents, protect yourself with liability insurance. If you are considering the installation of a specific garden, contact a lawyer to find out your rights.

Do I have the right to hang my laundry on my balcony? Yes and no.

In fact, it is generally forbidden to hang your laundry on a balcony for reasons of hygiene and aesthetics. However, exceptions are sometimes mentioned in the co-ownership by-laws.

Some rules may allow you to hang your laundry on certain days of the week, at specific times. From 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., Monday to Friday, for example. Outside these times, the practice will be prohibited and you may be penalized if you take the risk.

Other rules may also apply, such as limiting the size of the stretcher. Most of the time, the equipment must not exceed the height of the railing in order to respect the exterior aspect of the building. In order to avoid problems, a small mobile clothesline is ideal.

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My advice Before Installing Clothesline On You Balcony

Before installing a clothesline, consult the condominium by-laws and municipal by-laws. The prohibition of this practice may also be included in your rental lease.

Am I allowed to install a barbecue on my balcony?

Yes, but under certain conditions. You can use a barbecue on your balcony, as long as you respect your neighbors. The smoke and odors from your grills must not disturb them.

For example, If you organize a barbecue in the evening, you should also avoid singing or talking too loudly, as disturbances during the day or at night are punishable.

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Another important point to remember is that when damage is caused by the use of a barbecue.

It is your duty to respect the common areas of the building and the neighboring property and to ensure that they are not damaged.

For example, make sure that the smoke does not blacken the facade or that the ashes do not reach the neighbor’s windows. Cleanliness is a must.

The safety side is also important, since it is up to you to control your barbecue and avoid the risk of fire. That’s why, most of the time, charcoal or gas barbecues are prohibited.

Safe And Precautionary Criteria Advice

In order to meet the criteria of safety and respect for the neighborhood, use an electric table barbecue. This type of barbecue produces less smoke and limits the risk of fire. If you wish to organize a barbecue plan with friends or family, inform your neighbors in advance. Don’t forget to consult municipal and condominium by-laws.

Am I allowed to put a satellite dish on my balcony?

Yes, according to the European Convention on Human Rights, everyone must enjoy freedom of information, i.e. everyone can install a dish in their home to access television.

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The law of 2 July 1966, reinforced by the law of 4 August 2008 on the “right to an antenna”, gives you the right to install an antenna if you need one. If the co-ownership does not have a connection to a cable network, a collective dish or an antenna, you are allowed to install your dish. You also have this right if the available installation limits access to channels.

If this is the case, the meeting of co-owners cannot refuse your request. On the other hand, for technical, safety and/or aesthetic reasons, it may ask you to change the location of your dish. You may, for example, be required to place your equipment on the roof rather than on the balcony.

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