Wearing My Strapless Dress

Waering my strapless dress

Few weeks ago, I asked for your opinions to choose between the two strapless dresses I had ordered for from the Archives Sézane, in my article “The Five Little Things” as well as on my Instagram Stories. I ordered two models of the strapless dress, the short version and a medium-long polka dot version. Personally I have a crush on the polka dot version, but Vincent my husband, preferred the short version.

Despite the fact that i love to hear people’s opinion, I must admit that I often go with my original idea! I found the short version a little too pale on me and I felt much more like me in the pea version! So i think it really makes a “wahou” effect and I love it’s retro side and a little Dolce Vita! Did i play this card to the fullest for the photos of this look by the way ?

This dress is my very first strapless dress! I always liked this shape very much, but I thought for a long time that it would not be flattering on me because of my small chest. While looking for my wedding dress, I realized that this shape finally suited me quite well. The very first wedding dress I tried on was a strapless dress and I loved it.

Waering my strapless dress

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This one is very comfortable to wear because it doesn’t slip, and it doesn’t compress, which is good point, because it’s not always easy with this kind of dress. I love its big bow at the front. Personally I wear it here without a bra, but you can refer back to one of my previous articles if you are looking for a good recommendation of a comfortable strapless bra that would suit this kind of shape. I have a model that I’ve been my favorite for years and that works under most summer dresses.

At first, id did had a thought of shortening it but in the end I find that its length changes from what I usually wear and that is what gives it its retro side that I like so much! What do you think about it?

To complete my retro / Dolce Vita look, I had accessorized my dress with a nice black basket bag, a satin ribbon in my hair and a pair of tortoiseshell glasses which I love the shape.

We took some pictures in the early morning between the Tuileries and Pyramids and the light was absolutely beautiful! A beautiful light is always the key to good photos.

In the picture, i was wearing one of my favorite pair of shoes: Steve Madden’s Stacey. I’ve had these shoes for years and I love them because they’re so versatile: since they’re open and quite thin, they literally go with everything. I wear them both to go out in the evening but also for ceremonies, weddings or other events. They always go with all my outfits. The heel is high, but they are surprisingly comfortable!

How about you?

Do you like strapless dresses? Is it a shape you like? Did you vote for me to keep the short or the polka-dot one?

Have a nice week and see you soon!

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