Walking To See The One That Makes Me Happy

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Waking up this morning I took my birth and got ready to start my journey to Zull. Wondering hat Zull is? Zull is the home town and place of birth of my girlfriend Na’omi, i call her my breath too. Just like i have mentioned, Zull is the home town and and place of birth of my love Nao’mi. I have not seen her in a while ever since the first semester holiday.

The corona virus break have inevitably extended the period of the holiday far from the regular one month holiday. The very long Holiday and distance. have caused me to miss her a lot, i am even fed up of talking to her on phone I need to see her in person. Suddenly the door hinges qecked, I was Daniel he just came back from jogging.

Daniel is my boss in the shop, he is also a friend and no doubt I regard him as an elder brother. Guy you where sleeping like a dead person when I went out for walk out so I left you to sleep. You really seem tired and stressed out lately, hope everything is okay with you, maybe you should reduce your journey.

Daniel Advising Me On Serious Note

EasyMan you need to get some serious, don’t die like this oh, stress kills. Please do rest money will come because I believe God has us in His picture and See’s all our hard work, am sure one day it will all be stories.

Yoxxy my man I Hales him jokingly, yes ma G he replied bouncing off to the birth room. Wait wait wait oh this one that you look all dressed up don’t te me you are traveling again.

Ah chairman I am traveling to Zull oh, I seriously need to go and see Breath me(Nao’mi). Lolz someone is missing someone seriously oh, I smile and answered yes I am.

But this case is even a bit different am going to see to clear some issues, really G what issues again Daniel asked me with a cooler voice. No much issues it’s really a disturbing one, Easyman what happened? Yoxxy she is ending the relationship.

We talk with her yesterday and there was no energy In how she was chatting me. Really I have been noticing all this for a while now but I have trying all I can know that problem is in particular but no way.

Anytime we talk on phone it’s always like she’s gat no energy for the relationship thing again. I have tried asking her several times to know is actually going on but she won’t say thing.

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My Mind in The Open And How i Feel

Sincerely I smell something fishy, in fact I feel the lack of energy in my spirit but I don’t know what to do to let all this go. Yoxxy man you know I live this girl but it seems am losing and I really don’t want.

Man really you have don’t well to her so you know that right? You have not gone to at least see her since the holiday? You know definitely she will feel it. That is what I am always trying to tell you, Easyman try to reduce your Hussle and pay attention to people around you, socialize more it will help you understand people more.

Yes I understand I like hustling, I have been with you for while and I can tell you attitude towards work, you really love to to work and take care of every of your problems yourself. EasyMan in short just get up let take my birth we are going to Zull together self.

Okay I replied him wearing a smiley face. We will fix whatever the problem is when we get their, just put your mind at rest okay.

He went on to the birth room miming one of his best artist songs and bouncing on one foot. EasyMan get me my phone from neighbor while I get dressed.

I quickly went out to get the phone be and he was ready when I came back. Man I if you are ready I am ready let’s get going asap so we can get back in time.

Lolz I don’t thing I will be coming back to day oh I replied him, their is no way I would go and see the girl that make me happy and come back the same day who does that?🤔🤔. I will not be back to Azare until tomorrow or next, I just pray that things go well with the mom ohh because be I don’t know what I would do if I ever lose Nao’mi for any of my silly flaws.

Let’s pray before going out please I asked Daniel to pray for us, then we headed out after the prayer. I called Musa I favorite bike man to come and take us to the pack to board a car and start the journey.

In no time we arrived to the central Motor pack. Luckily enough because I won’t say unlucky, Easyman I am always full of good luck that is what I believe.

Really i Thought it was a Luck For Me

My good luck this time was that the first car had gone and the loading vehicle was empty, Yoxxy this is so no good. Just as we where still talking 2 more people came wanting to go to Bauchi, well this good somehow.

To make the loading fast I agreed to pay for 4 seats and let’s move. We started moving heading out of town, I was happy, I put on my ear piece and played 2pac dj mix in my phone, then I slept off in no time.

Suddenly a hand tapped me and I woke up from sleep, Easyman the front tire of the car just boasted wow I answered in Surprise. Shortly we remove the spire tire and noticed it was bad too, again this is so no good boy, the driver too the tired for patching to Misau while we wait.

The road side was too sunny so Walked to the tree beside the road to stay under the Shadow while Yoxxman took a long walk toward Misau road. We waited for about 40 to 45 minutes time, we where tired of waiting already and I was already looking for another vehicle, just then the driver came back with the tire on a bike. I collected it and fixed it back to the car and shortly we were ready to go.

Finally Getting There

The car started and voom we where on the move, we traveled for another 30 minutes then go to Soro and the driver stopped again saying they wanted to pray, at this time was already mad and very furious in my mind, but controlled myself. I checked the time it was few minute to 3: O’clock, I thought in myind when am I going to reach Zull for God’s sake.

Well God know everything I told myself in my heart, it is well. After some minutes, like 10 minutes precisely they where done praying and we got the road again. Now strictly told the driver I will not tolerate any stopping again else he should refund my money and I will get another vehicle to continue my journey, he them begged me and said he won’t stop again until we get to Bauchi…. Will be continued..

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