What is Happened On a Cold Day

what just happened

Walking into the shop this morning, the environment was very tensed and a bit strange. I walked in carrying my laptop bad as usual and greeted my boss Daniel and other friends that where sited inside.

Easyman proceed and drop the bad i was carrying and brought out my system and plugged it to power source. Granma called my name on me from outside so i quickly went out to respond to her call.

She then asked me to go inside her shop and bring her handset from inside the shop, i said ok and went on to bring it. I went into the shop quickly to get the phone, i searched all round where she told me the phone but i couldn’t find it.

grandma grandma i can see the phone where you said it is and is can’t still find anywhere inside the shop. Check inside my drawer said pointing at the direction of the drawer inside the shop.

I latter saw the phone, i picked it up and brought it to her, saying grandma here is the phone. She collected it and said thank you Easyman please take a seat i want to talk to you about something really important.

What Hppened Next

Oh Okay grandma i sat right down on the site beside her and picked the cop that was on the floor and dropped it on the table next to me. Israel what happened yesterday between you and Otunba, calling me by my real name.

I was surprised to hear that question from her because i had not been in town on the day before she was asking me this question. Easy had gone to the state capital on the day of the incidence she was talking about.

Well i have to answered Grandma her question. Grandma is said, looking towards my our shop, i don’t understand the question please, talking surprisingly. Grandma nothing happened between us two yesterday because i was not even in town yesterday.

I traveled to BauchiĀ  the state capital to see a friend of mine who his wife just gave birth. Oh really? she asked, said yes really Ma i wasn’t in town oh, so nothing happened between us oh.

Grandma what did he said happened Ma, grandma please tell what happened so that i can know what to do. Do what? she asked me since you are not in town their is nothing you can do about it then.

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Maybe i miss haired the name then or might be with the other Israel from the next street then. I said okay maybe then, but grandma what really, i asked worriedly, the police came to arrest him the morning and he was bitten up before carrying.

That is very not good grandma i replied her, she then shook her head and said they have injured him a lot. Anyway daddy have followed them to the station to get to the root of things and settle the matter.

Okay i said standing up and heading towards our shop, then i saw daddy chulks from a distance asking me to come. I went straight to him and i was haling him but he seemed upset, so i asked daddy what is wrong.

You should have come to me and reported Otunba first before going to the police or better still report it to locost authority. No daddy daddy i was not in town yesterday oh, i was not the one it should be the Israel from the next street.

Are you sure? he asked me in a gentle voice then i answered yes daddy i just came to town this morning. Okay good boy you can go to your shop now we going to the station to settle the matter when i come back we will talk better.

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