The Two Dresses i Ordered For Have Been Delivered Today

The Two Dresses i Ordered

Finally, the dresses I ordered for have been delivered. The dresses are of the same colors where one of them is striped and the other is polka dots. Here we are at last! After months of working in secret, I can finally unveil the project we have been working on for months.

Yes, the launch of a capsule collection of dresses and hair accessories made in France created hand in hand with Marine the French designer (Des Jupons de Louison). What a joy to finally be able to share this with you, I couldn’t bear to keep the secret haha.

As long as I can remember I have always had a strong taste for clothes and accessories. It’s really when I’m getting dressed that I feel most creative.

I could spend my days making clothing associations and concocting outfits! I love all clothes but if I had to choose only one it would obviously be a dress and it was obvious for me to start with this capsule collection with Les Jupons de Louison.

Marine, the creator of the brand, and I went to the same school (ISTEC) and we met for the first time last year during a student conference at ISTEC in which we both participated (we were not in the same class during our studies).

I had loved discovering the concept of Jupons de Louison, which offers everyday and ceremonial skirts made in France and adapted to the length of your legs whether you are 1m55 or 1m80 tall!

Marine had been kind enough to offer me one of her pretty skirts that I had presented to you in this look article last autumn and, when she put forward the idea that we could create a collection together I didn’t hesitate for a long time!

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The Creation Process

Creating my clothing collection has always been one of my wildest dreams and this project is really one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done in recent years.

Even if Les Jupons de Louison was specialized in skirts, we both wanted to go for a dress right away: a new challenge for Marine and an obvious choice for me!

After exchanges, shared ideas, mood boards made, we finally agreed on the shape of our ideal dress: a sleeveless and backless summer dress with a delicate neckline at the front and an ideal and comfortable length above the knee.

The Next Challenge?

Choosing the fabric! I absolutely loved this step in the design process! Of course, you know me, the first two prints I told Marine about were stripes and polka dots of course! Gingham was also mentioned but we didn’t go for that print in the end.

We initially had to create a single dress, but when it came time to make our final choice of fabric, it was impossible to decide between the polka dots and striped version, so we decided to do both ?

Why Choose After All!

Last March, we went near Niort to discover the French and 100% feminine workshop where our dresses were going to be produced. It was there that we discovered the very first dress, a prototype made for me by the talented seamstresses in the workshop who work for many of the very prestigious French luxury brands.

I had always imagined that making clothes was complicated, but discovering the behind-the-scenes work really opened my eyes. Defining the perfect length, the depth of the décolleté, the notch in the back, the size of the straps so that they don’t slip, the waist belt, the placement of the zipper so that it doesn’t get in the way. Everything has to be thought out down to the last detail and believe me there are many of them!

The Two “Daphne” Dresses

The Two Dresses i Ordered

Let’s move on to the presentations! The Daphne dress comes in two colours and materials: the striped one is in linen and cotton, light and vaporous as you wish, very pleasant to wear for the summer. The polka dot dress is made of cotton, soft and pleasant, with a very nice skirt.

Our dresses are 100% made in France, in the workshop near Niort that I mentioned above.

You have the possibility to choose the length according to your size so that it will fit you perfectly! L1 if you measure between 1m55 and 1m65, L2 if you measure between 1m65 and 1m75 and L3 if you measure more than 1m75! It’s almost made-to-measure ??

I often heard my friends say that they didn’t like to wear backless dresses because they couldn’t wear a bra or that it was visible. We found the solution with the removable fabric bar that fits over your bra strap at the back to camouflage it!

It can also be removed if you choose not to wear a bra (or cup) as I do! You can also read my article on which bra to wear under a bare back to guide you ??

Norman Hartnell wedding dress of 1933 worn by Margaret Whigham Sweeney The Two Dresses i Ordered For Have Been Delivered Today

The waist of the dress is elasticated and is tightened with a knot in order to modulate the girding of the dress according to the waist size of each one. The idea is to be able to be very comfortable while marking the waist in order to emphasize it!

Finally, both dresses are fully lined for your comfort, to be worn against the skin but also to avoid any constraint of transparency at the top and bottom ?? We thought of everything!

Our hair accessories

If there’s one thing I love as much as dresses, it’s hair accessories! In fact, I dedicated an article to my favorite hair accessories a few months ago to tell you about it.  My favorites? Headbands and scarf-style scrunchies!

So we used the surplus fabric (when we cut the dresses) to offer you headbands and scarf-style scrunchies to match our dresses and made by our seamstresses, still in France! They are hot, I never leave them anymore!

How To Get Our Pieces

Our dresses will be put on sale this Thursday, May 9th in limited edition on the Jupons de Louison eshop and produced to order. They will be sold at the price of 175 euros only during the first 24 hours for subscribers to my newsletter (a promo code will be sent in tomorrow’s newsletter and if you are not subscribed to the newsletter, you can still do so) then at the price of 185 euros during the first two weeks of sale with the code “DAPHNE10” and at the price of 205 euros thereafter. The dresses will be available from 34 to 44.

We really tried to offer you the fairest price for pieces made in France and I really wanted to be able to offer you advantages with promo codes during the first days of sales to thank you for your loyalty and support on all my projects ??.

Our headbands will be sold for 25 euros and our scrunchies/scarves for 20 euros.

It will also be possible to try the dresses at the pop-up Les Jupons de Louison (26 rue des Batignolles, 75017 Paris; from 11am to 8pm) in a few days, when we will have received the first pieces.

How To Wear Our Dresses?

In the city as for an occasion, everyday as for a wedding, with espadrilles or high heels, in sandals or wedges  our dresses are versatile and can be worn in a thousand ways! I’ve already given you a small glimpse of different ways to wear them in this article but I will continue to give you lots of ideas and tips to wear your dresses in original ways as the weeks go by, here and on Instagram ??.

Let’s meet to discover our dresses

I’ll see you on my Instagram account since I’m giving you 3 tickets (with a +1) to attend our launch party in Paris (on the 3rd) this Thursday, May 9th from 6pm to 9pm. It will be an opportunity to meet each other and see the dresses for real!

Would you like to join us?

A big thank you to my shock team on this project: Marine & Elodie at Les Jupons de Louison, Patricia and all her production team in our French workshop, Margot and Arthur who helped us to sublimate the dresses and photos and video and Ophélie and Vincent for their daily support on this project!

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