The Reply i Got After Asking My to teach Me Blogging

A year after i was sent back from Delta state to my parents in Bauchi state, i refused to continue with Tiling. This time i met a new person that inspired me, he was a blogger and a barber at the same time.

This guy, Israel i mean is really a very cool person, he even use to advise me not to do some bad things whenever he sees me going the wrong way. Israel will be like Bauchi you better stop that because it would not help your life in any way.

I suddenly got interest in blogging because of how he does his things, Easyman is always busy either with his phone or computer. Finally i decided to ask him about blogging and also begged him to teach me how to start my own blog.

I contacted him via Whatsapp and he agreed to teach me everything he knows about blogging but he warned me to be serious about it. He later also pointed out some things i needed to know, well this is all he said to me word for word.

It Is Getting More Interesting Now

Israel said;- That is the most common thing every legit and some criminals do. Blogging at first can be time consuming, money consuming and very stressful but at the end of the day it is worth the stress. But if you are mentored well and pointed in the right direction you will find yourself enjoying it in time.

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I personally started blogging since March 20th 2015. I could remember then I was using one itel phone and one NOKIA asha 200. I was not guided by anyone, nobody showed what to do, how to do or when to do, I was only what ever came into my skull.

I was very enthusiastic about blogging and if you ask what blogging exactly was I wouldn’t be able to give you a good answer. I spent all day reading tutorials and and watching video on YouTube and everywhere I could ever get knowledge.

I spent any money that come my way on data and buying of tutorials from people I don’t even know online. I spent my jamb registration fees twice on blogging, i bought a lot of tutorials that where useless, i got scammed by many rippers claiming to be bosses on blogging.

I spent all near the socket charging my phone and at the same time publishing posts on my blog that was actually worthless. I could stay 24 hours without eating because I loved what I was doing.

Back then I never even knew one could make money from blogging, I was only blogging because I loved making things happen online, I loved writing things that will keep people updated. The background of what I want you tell you in all this stories I have stated is just to tell that blogging is a thing of Passion.

You need to have the passion for it if you really want to succeed in it. You also need to sacrifice your time, money, sleep and other things.

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What is blogging all about

Blogging is that act of writing and publishing articles or contents or updates on an online platform for readers to read and benefit from the information published.

What is a blog

A blog is an online space where contents, information, updates, write ups are published and is assigned a unique domain name.

What is a domain name

A domain name is a unique name assigned to an online space on and IP address or host. This domain serves as the uniform resource locator (URL) on the web. Examples of blogs are,,,,,, and alot more

What is a host

A host is the online space which houses contents, articles, videos, musics anything online.

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Things you need to start a blog

Starting a blog now a days is easy if you pointed to the right direction. I will list the basic things you need to start a blog below

  • A domain name
  •  A host
  •  A smart phone or PC
  •  Internet data connection
  •  Time and dedication

Common Niche you can Blog About

Niche is like saying department. Niche simply means what aspect you want to blog on, what department you want to tell people about the. Niche is like blogging on what you enjoy doing.

The niches available in blogging includes the following


This involves writing about network providers, data plans and offers, free browsing cheats and very thing concerning telecommunication.

Gadget reviews

This is writing or publishing content or making reviews about gadgets. These gadgets can be anything, some people review phones some people review home equipment, some review all electronic devices that come there way.


You can be publishing news about football, games, hockey and any kinda game you ever want to.

Music is a good example of a music blog. Music blogs are basically all about songs, be it video or audio even all combined.


This kinda blogs write and publish on anything that is circular, be it music, video, games, comedy, politics, news anything entertainment.

What i am trying to let you know is you can blog on anything depends on what you enjoy doing the best. But for me I can blog on anything and I won’t advise you to do same because you might not be able to see it through.

Multiple niche blogging okay for me because I had joy for virtually everything online and the because I learnt by myself. You have to be ready for all this stress and many more.

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If you are still willing let me know now and we can start something up now, or you have 24 hours to think about it. I don’t usually teach blogging because it’s stressful but I don’t know why I feel positive about you.

And I hate mentoring people and at the end you don’t want to continue. Teaching blogging has plenty of stress you should see it from all the write ups I have sent you by now.

On an ordinary day I don’t even chat with people that’s my WhatsApp is full with a lot of unread messages. I have even forgot the last time I had time for Facebook over 3 months now and am not thinking of going back to Facebook anytime soon.

I have a lot of contents to write and publish on my blog so when will I have time to be chatting someone for fun. No time for fun now…. If I use the time to write all this to write on my blog at least I would have known I have archive something but It is good that I am mentoring someone.

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