The Plain Basic Tops I Will be Wearing This Spring

The plain, basic tops I'll be wearing this spring

Hello everyone, I hope you and your loved ones are well. Please continue to take good care of yourselves, above all, let’s be vigilant and in solidarity as we leave through the weekends.

Today, i had to some cool photographs of myself indoors as I can’t shoot it outdoors for the moment. One of the advantages of this confinement is to force oneself to exercise one’s creativity in a different way and I’m very lucky to be confined with Vincent, my regular photographer.

By the way, taking pictures indoors reminds me of the beginnings of the blog, when I used to take my pictures in the lobby of my parents’ house. Who can still remember those good old days among my old time blog readers.

I will use this opportunity to tell you about my 4 basic tops from the moment to the end of the article. Just like all times, if you a regular follower og my blog, you would know that, i seasons have a very great influence on my personality. (you can easily be able to realize it by going back to my Instagram feed) and I love to bring touches of pink and white to my wardrobe this season, to make the tones of beige and brown that I like so much and that I wear a lot in autumn-winter more luminous and spring-like! It’s really the color palette that inspires me and that I’ve been loving lately.

How i Did Mine

I have mixed pink, white, camel and gold here and I think it works wonders. I would have added a cream knit cardigan and trench coat if I was to go out, which will make a very stylish, soft and spring look.

A the moment, I prefer the plain and “basic” tops like the Sézane (Maille Anil) model that i am wearing now. I described it as the basic in the sense that it is a top that is easy to wear in a thousand ways, simple to match, comfortable and does not wrinkle. It is really the kind of piece i am looking for more and more these days because it lasts from season to season and doesn’t go out of fashion.

I love the openwork and scalloped details of this model, so much that I had to take it in camel (i also wore it on one of my Instagram photos). It looks great with jeans, shorts, a skirt, dressy pants and even a suit (I tried it yesterday with a pink Claudie Pierlot suit I bought last year) I’m delighted!

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My basic tops For Summer

I have several models of this type: the Sézane top of this article (in white and camel) but also this tank top (Top Jana) in Balzac Paris mustard cotton and this tee-shirt (Top Aurèle) in Balzac Paris cotton which I love the design of the buttons on the front side.

What Can You Wear Under These Tops

I will also use this opportunity to share with you dress choices and cloths you can wear under a white and/or transparent top that could be useful under this type of tops.

What about you?

What are your favorite colors this season? Do the seasons influence the colours you wear? I wish you all a great weekend, take care of yourself especially? Have a joyful weekend. bye for now

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