Remember! Revenge is a Dish Served Cold And Salty

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Keeping a series with interest remains a great pleasure of everyday life.

In the United States, the 3rd season of Revenge was on broadcast few years back and we have just devoured the 1st and attacked the 2nd.

“Revenge” is a dramatic series which takes place in the Hamptons (in fact, rather in California in front of a green background).

The heroine, Emily Thorne, is as evil as her blonde hair. She has a frankly delirious thirst for revenge.

She is a young woman who returns to live in the Hamptons where she spent part of her childhood. Under the pseudonym Emily Thorne, she is determined to destroy those who broke her innocence and ruined her father’s life. She’ll do anything to avenge him…

What Kept The Interesting

Suspense is really king in this show. That’s what keeps you thinking about the next episode…

How can all this unravel?

And how can you get revenge without being punished at some point?

No character is really all white, except maybe Jack Porter, the bartender who plays the role of Nick Wechsler’s eternal good friend. Yet this whole gang of manipulators manages to have something nice.

Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp, is glowing. Likewise, Nolan Ross, played by Gabriel, is endearing.

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Victoria and Conrad Grayson, the couple that Emily particularly hates, is played by Madeleine Stowe and Henry Czerny.

The two hate each other and freeze blood with their sinister alliance. In this first season, their children Daniel and Charlotte, played by Joshua Bowman and Christa B. Allen, are either neurotic or not very clear, but they retain a certain amount of sympathy.

At the end of the season, Daniel becomes less funny. Charlotte intrigues me: one really wonders how his character will evolve. Around them gravitate Ashley the opportunist and a few other faces.

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I was a fan of the Emily-Daniel couple, always wondering what part of their relationship was due to manipulation and what part was due to love. They fit together very well… and they really do in real life!

Flashbacks are regularly used to show Emilie’s memories: her childhood with her father and with Jack, her adolescence, etc.

We make the reflection that it always seemed to be a bit ugly outside. We are reassured to know that nothing really happens in the Hamptons! We are saddened by a few details, even if it doesn’t hurt the story. If you’re watching the show, I’d be curious to know if it appeals to you as well. How is it possible:

  1. That Emily spends all her time on the phone or disappearing and no one cares more than that?
  2. That the Graysons’ house and Emily’s house keep popping up, in high shots, isolated in the middle of trees when they’re practically glued together and by the beach?
  3. That Emily or her accomplice can send so many videos to their enemies’ computers without drawing more attention than that?
  4. That Emily is successful at everything she does?
  5. That the houses are real windmills? In “Gossip Girl” at the time, we were also always very surprised to see people, friends or enemies, disembark in apartments in a turn of the elevator!

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The beginning of the last episode of the season could have been a real end to the series but the end brings back the suspense for the second season.

I hope that the show will keep its interest for a long time ! For example, we dropped “Vampire diaries” in the middle of season 4 because we were saturated and everything became complicated or even a little bit of the big anything.

But I really liked the series in its early days. Let’s wish the series created by Mike Kelley a better fate!

Idon’t want to tell you too much but I hope I made you want to watch “Revenge”. So, already conquered or tempted? What are your must-see series at the moment?

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