Prison escape mod apk

Prison escape mod apk

Prison escape mod apk is an adventurous apk game you can use to keep yourself busy and enjoy your day . Such game is set for the purpose of learning alot from the game and making use of it.

If you are actually a game lover, then you would have learnt a lot for those games that you always play. So game are meant not only to keep busy or reduce boredom but lesson can be learnt from them.

Here is another game that I will like to introduce to you and I am very sure that you will found it interesting and want to play it. This game have some amazing features and it is always lively when playing it.

Prison escape mod apk description

Name Prison Escape Apk
Publisher Words Mobile
Category Simulation
Size 40 MB
Version Latest

The prison escape game is a challenging third person action game in which you will play the classic in a wrong manner of convicted prisoner. In which you create a mission to escape from the prison that you are been held for revenging purpose.

This game is such that you are being sent to serve a death row to a conspiracy that may have occur before. And as a result of that, you have no way out but the only way to save yourself is to break out of the prison from inside the yard of prison.

To achieve your aim in this game, you need to make friend with the inmates so that you can get help of escaping. The purpose of making friends is to fight with the other crime gangsters so as to gain respect.

In the process of looking for escape route, you wipe need to dig an escape tunnel through the underneath of the prison. This is because you want to revenge on those you cause or actually locked you up.

Features of prison escape mod apk

In the story line of this game known to be prison escape is not exactly ground breaking, but the game itself make up for its unoriginal storyline of the game with such an incredible variety of missions that it can actually offers

This kind of game have amazing but few features that contribute to the reason why the game is so much of interesting story line. The features are those that you will come across when you play the game.

The game features include the following:

  1. There is freedom of movement and the ability for you to explore in the prison yard.
  2. You can fight in such a 3D prison world.
  3. You can make your way out through the 30 action packed of missions available for you in the game.
  4. There is possibility of you to perform an amazing stunts with the effect of ragdoll in such a survival mode.
  5. And there is several intuitive controls that you can adopt to play just the way you actually want it.

With the description of the game as well as the features, you need to get the game of your mobile device now so as to enjoy it. But for more information, try as much as possible to make contact with me.

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