Mythical Snakes Crossword Clue

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Mythical Snakes Crossword Clue

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Possible Answer:- ATHENA

mythical serpent
Mythical serpent
Mythical serpent

What is ATHENA

The identity between Athena and the snake was explicitly stated in ancient Greece. The historian Herodotus reports that in Athens “they have a great snake which guards the Acropolis and to which each month offerings of honey cake are made, and graciously received.

Why was Athena a virgin?

In her aspect as a warrior maiden, Athena was known as Parthenos (Παρθένος “virgin“), because, like her fellow goddesses Artemis and Hestia, she was believed to remain perpetually a virgin. Athena invented the olive tree and gave it to the city. Athena is the goddess of the defense of Athens, wisdom and women’s crafts.

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