My Tips For a Smooth Transition Between Holidays And Coming Back Home

My Tips For a Smooth Transition Between Holidays And Coming Back Home

Hello everyone! This Monday which officially rhymes with the start of the new school year and the beginning of my favorite time of the year!

Every year the summer holidays are for me the best time to take stock of my personal and professional life in order to approach the new school year with serenity and motivation.

That said, the return to reality after the holidays is sometimes complicated, even for me ?? So how can I capitalize on the rest and relaxation from the holidays and approach the return to school smoothly? I give you all my tips in this article!

Getting Off To a Smooth Start

Did you know that Monday is one of the least productive days of the week (along with Friday)? Our body needs time to get out of two days of rest and readjust. After the holidays, it’s the same thing!

When you go back home, you don’t necessarily need to restart at top speed! It is important (if possible) to take the time to find your rhythm, professionally as well as personally. For example, I always try to avoid going home on Sundays as much as possible for a Monday pick-up.

I like to have time to unpack my suitcases, tidy up my apartment and readjust to my routine before going back to work! It’s an important breathing time to start the new school year well, I think!

Of course we can’t maintain the staggered hours that we allow ourselves on holiday, but the important thing is to keep the notion of letting go (but not of letting go!).

How can you find your rhythm?

List the tasks or projects that you intend to carry out at the beginning of the school year, then rank them according to the attention they will require. Then assign the simplest ones to your first few days back from vacation to get you off to a smooth start.

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Get Some Fresh Air And Think About Yourself

For me, the major asset of holidays is to be able to take time to air out, to enjoy nature, to walk (I love hiking when I’m on holiday or on a trip for example).

The great outdoors is good for us: many studies have shown that getting away from it all and walking in the great outdoors stimulates our immune system, boosts our creativity and reduces our stress! Why not keep this habit at the beginning of the school year?


I know how hard it is to find time in the day to walk and stroll. It’s been a few years since I opted for a very simple technique. If my destination is less than 40 minutes away on foot, I give up public transport and walk! We often refer to the number of 10,000 steps a day: not necessarily easy to reach this figure with the sedentary lives we lead today, but the important thing is to stay active, get up, move and walk as much as possible.

Enjoying Nature

Nothing beats a walk in the forest or at least in a park to recharge your batteries! Even in big cities there is always a bit of greenery to be found ?? Vincent and I are used to going to the park of Saint Cloud with Pixel because the park is big and less frequented than others.

The Bois de Boulogne is also very lively and nice for weekend walks (but more crowded). If we have less time available (it’s a shame these two green spaces are not in the heart of Paris) the Tuileries, the Parc Monceau and the Jardin du Luxembourg are good compromises that we like very much.

Feeling on Holiday, Even at Work!

Why not keep your little holiday habits for the new school year? Going for breakfast on foot in the morning, having lunch or dinner on the terrace (or your garden or on your balcony if you’re lucky enough to have one), having a barbecue, reading in the sun on a bench etc.

Just because the new school year has arrived doesn’t mean that the good season is over! On the contrary, September is often synonymous with Indian summer, so make the most of it!

You can also apply this philosophy at work by taking your breaks in the sun and in the open air. Exposure to light is good for alertness and gives a boost, it’s good for morale! Breaks are MY secret to being productive as I explained in this article. You can also meditate (I was telling you about my favorite meditation applications in this article).

Embark on New Projects

Holidays are often a good time to get out of one’s comfort zone: we try out new activities, practice another language in a foreign country, discover new landscapes and/or new cultures etc. and they are also important moments of calm and reflection about our daily lives: who hasn’t already said to themselves on holiday, “when I go back to school, I’ll stop…” or “I’ll start…”? Personally, I always make lists of new things I want to do and new projects I want to set up when I get back from holidays.

The month of September is full of promise and as you come back from holidays rested and refreshed you feel more able and motivated to take on new challenges! Take advantage of this momentum where you feel ready to try everything to start the new school year and set yourself new goals inspired by your holidays.

  • Start a new sport activity (maybe a discovery activity during the holidays)
  • Start decorating your home (I think we all have them: hang a hanging lamp, reorganize a cupboard, install a shelf)
  • Read one book per month (taking advantage of travel time: a book in the subway or an audiobook in the car for example)
  • Listen to one podcast episode per week (I tell you about my favorite podcasts in this article)
  • Take time to take care of your sleep, including banning the telephone from your bedroom. It’s the small challenges that make the big changes.

Establishing “Wellness” Habits

As in the New Year, I often take advantage of the start of the new school year to make good resolutions to keep! Did you know that to establish a habit, you have to repeat it for 21 days? Beyond that, it has become part of our daily life and it becomes harder to lose it?

On Weekends, We Disconnect!

Work is the second most important activity in our lives, after sleep (!): by spending so much time at work, it is normal to develop reflexes and have difficulty getting it out of your head.

However, holidays are beautiful and well done to clear the mind! During the weekend, it is important to try to apply this same rule and to force yourself to avoid thinking about work, especially by filling your agenda with activities that you enjoy: puzzles (my passion), a walk with the family, a meal with friends, a Sunday brunch, a sports class, etc. Disconnecting at the weekend allows you to get back in shape and be more efficient during the week?

You can even try digital detox on the weekend, for a few hours, a day or even the whole weekend! I was telling you about my experience after 10 days of digital detox in this article!

Eat Healthier

During the holidays, it’s often all one or the other in terms of food: either we eat very well because we have time to cook or we lower our guard a little and allow ourselves more excesses than usual (which is not a disaster in itself).

Whatever happens, at the beginning of the school year, we bet everything on a balanced diet but which remains greedy! You can find some of my recipes in my food section! For the last few months I’ve been swearing by bowls which are quick to prepare, delicious, healthy and super greedy. I draw a lot of my recipes from the books In Bowl and C’est Tout and Lundi C’est Veggie.

A Little Digestive Walk in the Evening

I’m lucky enough to have to take Pixel out regularly during the day, which forces me to walk a bit and go out. In the beginning it wasn’t easy to motivate myself but now I enjoy it a lot. When I come back from holidays, it even reminds me sometimes of the long walks on the beach at sunset while chatting and it’s very pleasant. Moreover, the streets are generally less crowded and it’s an opportunity to rediscover certain places under a different eye. My tip? If you are going to have dinner at a restaurant in the evening, prefer to walk home rather than travel!

Setting Aside Some Time for Yourself

Self care is a topic that is being talked about a lot these days, and rightly so. In order to be effective, happy, fulfilled and maintain good relationships with others, it is essential to take time for oneself in order to offer the best of oneself to others.

This can happen a lot of things: enjoying a quiet moment alone, taking time to read, meditate, lie down in your favorite armchair, do sports, treat yourself to a massage or a facial (I’m talking about the 5 best massages I’ve tested in Paris here), get (or offer) a manicure… I know it sometimes seems unthinkable when you have an overloaded agenda but it is an essential compression lock to be well in your head, even if it’s only a few minutes a day or a week!

Regular Check-Ups

Why not take a moment each week (or each month) to take stock of our habits and ask ourselves what could make your daily life more enjoyable? I love to do that and I was very inspired by Gretchen Rubin, one of my favorite personal development authors who deals with this subject in her book Ma Vie En Mieux! We often get in our own way by not adapting our daily life and habits to our lifestyle or personality!

A Word About My Outfit

A few weeks ago I took the time to do a little shopping for pants because I absolutely wanted to find nice and versatile models for this season. I loved these Mango pants that I bought in cream and brown as they have the perfect fit (they normally fit, I wear size 34 here). I also fell in love with these white velvet H&M pants that have a similar cut (they are small, I bought them in 36) and that I will show you soon in a look too!

I bought this nice camel short sleeve knit top a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it a lot already. This season it is perfect under a blazer in the morning and alone in the afternoon! It’s very simple but with nice accessories I love the rendering! ┬áMy blazer is a Mango from last year but Sane has released a very similar model this season.

I also wore my beautiful Balzac camel shoes open at the back (sold out but this model is coming soon) and my sublime Spring 88 bucket bag that I already told you about in this article! It’s beautiful and full of lovely details (you can even choose the color of the eyelets, either gold or nickel) and it’s handmade in Lyon, which gives it all its value! I have worked for years at Hermes.

So I know how to recognize beautiful leather and this one is really beautiful! I wear it here with a nice scarf tied around the handle (an old Mango) and I love the rendering!

How about you?

What are your tricks to approach the new season as serenely as possible? Tell me everything !

I hope you liked my tips and that they will help you to apprehend the return to school as it should be? How Was Your Monday Toady?

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