My Journey To The Caribbeans

My Journey to the caribbens lonle

Good morning and welcome again everybody, If you have been following my travels closely, you would notice that towards the end of 2018, I had a huge crush on the Islands of Guadeloupe.

Well, after my very first trip and guide to log and activities and practical information, i have finally resorted to gather some really cool and must see spots and interesting activities to do while Guadeloupe Islands. Have a nice trip! ??

Travel To Guadeloupe Islands Via Air CARAÏBES Company

Air Caraïbes is a regular French airline company that specializes in transporting people to the Caribbean. Just like the name says, Air Caraïbes transports passengers to many dream destinations in the Caribbean. This is the first time I flew with this company, and I must say that from the start, I loved the atmosphere! It reflects the Caribbean spirit, its passion, its colors, its sense of welcome and its warmth.

I pay a lot of attention to the airlines I choose when I go on a trip because more than a trip, I want to have a good time. It’s the beginning of the trip, of the adventure and I attach a lot of importance to the experience on board.

As soon as I get on board, the tone is set: a warm welcome from the staff and the comfort of the ocean-colored seats invite you to the sweetest of journeys, to my great delight! What’s more, the planes are all modern and spacious.

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Flight Classes Available Air Caribbean

Premium Economy Class

I traveled in Caribbean class (premium economy), the best compromise between fare, service and cabin space (more comfortable than Sun class, economy). The atmosphere is restful with a 100% LED light (it doesn’t look like that but it changes everything). The seats are all equipped with a 28cm HD touch screen (the largest I’ve seen because even in Economy Sun class, the size is 25cm) with a very wide choice of films, shows and games. On board, we were entitled to a comfort kit (a mask to rest in peace, a pair of socks, a comb, a toothbrush and toothpaste tube, headphones and memory foam earplugs), blanket and pillow.

There are also electrical outlets and USB ports. You can also take advantage of the iZipress service: an iPad mini is loaned to consult a wide selection of press titles.

There’s one meal served on departure and one on arrival, as well as breakfast, and the portions are really generous for airplane meals. And to be honest, it’s really good!.

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Priority Access Class

Travelling in Caribbean class also means having priority access to a dedicated check-in counter at the airport on the outbound as well as on the return trip, allowing a quick passage through police and security checks. It’s a huge time saver and it saves us from the endless queues that I dread so much in airports. As a result, everything goes much faster!

The Lounge Class

It’s an extra service that the company offers. A premium and comfortable waiting area with snacks and drinks at your disposal. It allowed me to rest, eat a little, finish processing my e-mails in a quiet area before departure. In short, to take the plane much more serenely!

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I loved travelling with this company, which I recommend 200%! In addition, you have departures from many cities in France with TGV AIR where the company offers TGV connections to the airport. Same operation with navigAIR which connects by plane then by boat the islands of Les Saintes, Dominica and Marie-Galante.

Best Hotel Choices During Your Stay

I stay at the Langley Resort Fort Royal and suggest you too do same as i this hotel is located in the north of Basse-Terre, the most authentic and natural island of Guadeloupe. It is located on the edge of a beach with turquoise water and another wilder beach that takes your breath away.

I am not usually a resort enthusiast, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I found it very qualitative, both in terms of services, restaurant, bengalows and design.

I fell in love with the beach bar, ultra exotic when the sun goes down with its cocktails, its music of the islands and its light garlands. We let ourselves be totally carried away by the Caribbean atmosphere, with our feet in the sand. There are also many activities offered day and night, with yoga, diving, massages, a yacht club, excursions and entertainment.

Staying at the Creole Beach Hotel & Spa: This hotel is located in Grande-Terre, on the seaside, in the heart of a magnificent tropical park, mixing palm trees, lilies and hibiscus. You can feel the Creole atmosphere! The decoration is modern and the hotel offers rooms and suites, a bar and two restaurants, as well as a spa. Moreover, we ate really well, the breakfast buffet is very qualitative and for me, it’s really a guarantee of quality in hotels.

Activities You Would Enjoy During Your Stay

My Journey to the caribbens lonle

Staying at Jardin Malanga: A huge favourite for this small, intimate and breathtaking hotel, nestled in the heart of the tropical forest and overlooking the Baie des Saintes.

But really, it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have had the opportunity to see and yet, I assure you that I have been going to some very beautiful places in the last few years.

But here, we are on a nugget, a jewel of authenticity and charm, with a personalized and ultra premium service.

You can choose to stay in the colonial house (which offers only three rooms) or in one of the three cottages located near La Maison Coloniale, nestled in the vegetation of the tropical garden.

The restaurant Le Panga welcomes you in a magnificent setting, on the terrace of La Maison Coloniale, next to the swimming pool. It is run by the chef Laurent and for the little anecdote, dinners are on reservation as they are prepared by the chef in the form of a unique menu.

A tasty combination of Creole and French cuisine, with local products in the foreground. The Chef adapts his cuisine every day by picking up fresh produce from the market. We had the chance to taste his cuisine, it is simply fabulous. I dream of going back, this place is one of the most relaxing and beautiful I know.

On a 1.5km path, the Botanical Garden presents an impressive range of flowers and tropical plants, more than 1,000 species, such as bougainvilleas, hibiscus, porcelain roses but also a great wealth of trees such as the Cheesemaker, the Baobab, the Mapou, the Sausage Tree, the Bread Tree, the Banian, without forgetting the Talipot, a unique palm tree in Guadeloupe.

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The park was designed with the aim of helping visitors discover the rich flora of the West Indies. It is really magnificent, a true haven of peace. We made the visit in the morning, there was almost nobody. I advise you to have lunch at the restaurant. It overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the park’s waterfall, an exceptional setting! On the menu, a cuisine based on local products.

Langley Resort Fort Royal Canopy And It’s Walk In The Tress

My Journey to the caribbens lonle

In the heart of the Parc des Mamelles, the Canopée offers an incredible 30-minute walk on suspension bridges above the trees. The view is sublime, this feeling of being above the trees is magical! However, to get there, you unfortunately have to pay for access to the zoo.

Incredible Hiking site At The Tip Of The Castles

It is the most visited site of the Islands of Guadeloupe, the landscapes are sumptuous! Several short hikes are to be done for nature lovers. You can walk along the fine sandy beach (200m) where powerful rollers are unleashed, but also take the path to the cross. An exceptional panorama that only the soufrière equals. You can contemplate the bay of the saltworks to the west, followed by the island of La Désirade, then further south Petite Terre whose lighthouse can be seen.

Finally Marie Galante and on a clear day, Les Sainte and Basse Terre as well as an overview of the peninsula as far as Saint-François. A beauty, one could stay there for hours contemplating the extraordinary view. I didn’t feel like going back down afterwards, as we were so high up. The Baie des Saintes is known to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world! When you arrive by boat, it’s a marvel: turquoise water, colourful houses, tropical vegetation…

It’s a real eye-catcher. It was one of my favorites during my first stay in Guadeloupe, it’s a must. You can stroll on the heights of Fort Napoleon to admire the view of the Archipelago des Saintes and the surrounding islands, stroll in the colorful village of Terre de Haut or go by the intimate beach of Pain de Sucre.

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A Little Walk To The Carpet Falls

These are three waterfalls located on the course of the Grand Carpet River. They are on the Basse-Terre side, in the Guadeloupe National Park, in the tropical forest at the foot of the Soufrière volcano. There are several trails of different intensities, we made the shortest one. Count about 1 hour round trip.

Finally Working Into The Gold Mine Of Spices

A gold mine in terms of spices and local specialties. Fresh flowers, local products, fruits and vegetables… We take the view because the city is authentic, the colors of the market are sublime and it is the best place to meet the locals.

Do not hesitate to give me all your good addresses in Guadeloupe, I can’t wait to go back (again)! Many thanks to the tourist office of the Islands of Guadeloupe for their welcome and to Air Caraïbes for this exceptional trip. We had a wonderful stay!

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