My Journey to Been a Tiler

I am Buchi by name a native of Agbo Delta state Nigeria, Urobo By tribe, yes i am from the south side of Nigeria. I was born in Azare Bauchi state Nigeria Katagum local government area in federal lowcost.

Some years after my early primary school my dad relocated i and my brother back home to stay with is sister. He wanted us to have some experience of home and to learn the dialect fully well as he is afraid staying in the north might deprive us of the language.

The relocation was not easy for me and my brother at first because we where not used to the way of life there. Luckily enough for me i blended to the culture there over the months and meeting with some friends.

Few months after blending into the community i was innocently making really lots of friends, until my aunt warned me about too many friend. I neglected the warning the first time and never took heed to it, until the second and third time.

This time she was very fears telling me to refrain from too many friends and not bring trouble to myself. I was really becoming afraid this time after the third warning especially as she threatens to tell my dad about it.

Choosing a Trade to Learn

In my heart i was like this woman is becoming too protective, am no longer a kid please do not disturber me. Like the suborn i am i still ignored her warning and continued with my daily activities just as usual but she was persistent.

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Well i thought in my mind what i can i do to get off this hook now because i was getting really fed up. I then came up with a bright idea in my mind to get the full privileged i want to come home late and still avoid her warning.

My idea was to learn a trade, a trade that would not be too stressful but also a little time consuming. I told some of my friends about the idea and they consented to it as they would also love to do same.

Wow i was very very happy about their opinion about the whole Idea of mine so ask them to tell it to their parent that evening. Just like agreed we all went home that evening and after dinner i went to the Kitchen and told it to my aunt.

My aunt was really happy with idea and was ready to support it fully however she can. I was like wow that evening, was really a happy moment for me, even though i had not heard from my friends yet.

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I couldn’t wait till the following morning to hear if their parents consented or not. I slept that night earlier than usual all because of happiness that finally i would be able to get away from my aunts little problem.

Waking up the following morning i did all i was supposed to do in the house and more happily. After doing all the house duties, then i was ready to go out to meet friends and run some other guys guys things.

You are wondering what i mean by guys guys thing right? well we usually go to play football and later go to see our crushes. Funny right? each and every one among me and my guys had a girls we where crushing on but not been able to talk to.

After walking some distance from home, i and my friends met at our regular junction and moved on. Every one of them where very happy too, i gues their parents too where impressed with their decisions.

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Finally Deciding On What Trade To Learn

It is another bright day and we where supposed to go out scout for prospective trade we are interested in and report back home. After the day, i finally reached conclusion to how to lay tiles since i love giving house good looks.

Going back home that evening, i reported back to my aunt and her husband the trade i was interested in and why. The both of them loved the trade idea too and took me to one of the best Tiler in town.

I started going to work the following after my aunt paid all i was asked to pay for learning. The zeal for learning the new trade was very very much so i was asking my boss a lot of questions as we work.

My boss was a straight forward one so he never heed anything from me, not for a single moment. He always answers my questions and told me more even as he loves it and makes him think i am very intelligent.

My boss always refereed to me as the second in charge which means after him then i am next. The zeal to do the work got me to the extent i forgot about my plan to use the trade as an excuse to hang out with friends.

I rather berried myself into learning, practicing watching tutorials from YouTube from other Tiler bosses. Soon i was good with the tools and and could do really good designs, My boss too was very surprised as to how fast i had learned.

My Journey Back To Bauchi Starts Here

Before i could notice he started sending me out to do get some little little jobs done. His too costumers where happy with how good i handle their jobs even though i was looking small.

They later named me “small but mighty” because of how good i was with tiles and design. Everything was going as smut as possible until i wanted to freed from my boss so that i could be my own boss.

But no my boss was not ready to miss me a lot was not ready to let me go that soon, because of how good i was. I talk to my aunt about it so she can intervene but still yet he still insisted in not letting you go.

All of a sudden i developed hatred for the job and my boss and stopped going to the workshop. I started going out to hang with friends instead, so as i started cultivating some bad habits my aunt became fed up with me and sent me back to my parents here in Bauchi.

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