Movie Flash Back: Shade of The Magnolias and Riverdale

why women kill

In last few weeks, we’ve been watching the first and only available seasons of Why women kill on M6 and In the shade of magnolias on Netflix. At the same time, we followed the episodes of season 4 of Riverdale, also on the famous streaming platform, as they were made available over several months. I offer you a feedback on my impressions – really positive on the whole – in this post!

View About The Movie Why women kill, season 1

While the role of women in society has changed, their reaction is always the same: a deep desire for revenge. In the 1960s, Beth Ann, a housewife, waits wisely for her husband at night when he cheats on her with a waitress.

In the 80s, Simone, a working girl, discovers that her husband is cheating on her… with a man. Today, Taylor, a bisexual, is trying her hand at the open marriage not without difficulty”

The 1st season of Why women kill was broadcast on M6 during the containment period. This dark and dramatic comedy is signed Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives, a series that I also watched with pleasure many years ago. Why Women Kill was a lot of fun for us and we were even a little frustrated to see only one episode per Thursday.

The title and the narration clearly imply that we expect at least one murder per period. So we were on the lookout, wondering when they were going to intervene and who was finally going to perish.

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Our favorite time was definitely the 1960s. We knew the actress who plays Beth Ann from her somewhat “dumb” role as Snow White in the series Once upon a time.

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Here, Jennifer Goodwin gives a lot of sparkle and depth to her character. A real favorite! Behind the housewife lie years of resentment and treasures of imagination and resources turned towards. revenge. We love the character as much as we wonder why all these risky choices! We enter the story very quickly.

The story of the 80’s seemed a bit superficial at first, but it also took an unexpected turn and we liked it. The more contemporary plot convinced us less, with a clearer bias and behavior we couldn’t identify with. Nothing very serious.

I won’t tell you more, but the series is mischievous, passes on many messages about human relationships, love, friendship, lies, etc.. We will obviously be there when season 2 is available!

In The Shade Of Magnolias Season 1

Sir, my dad and I watched the first season of Under the Shade of the Magnolias, which came out in mid-May on Netflix. In the shade of magnolias is not intended to be a series ultra striking with action to go on and on. We are here on stories of family, love and friendship.

After the first episode, we do not feel the urge to see the second in a hurry. But the series has really made a place for itself in our little hearts of spectators over the episodes and, very quickly, we wait until the evening to get our reward at the end of the day: an episode of Sweet magnolias (the title in original version).

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Maddie, Dana Sue and Helen are friends. We follow their intrigues, those of their relatives and of the town’s inhabitants: the jealous mother, the man with a mysterious past who wants to help the boss, the baseball coach with the physique of an ice chest, the gay yoga teacher, etc.

Maddie, played by Joanna Garcia Swisher, already seen as the little mermaid in Once upon a time, is in the middle of a divorce. Her husband, as unpleasant as possible, has left with a colleague who is already pregnant with him. Maddie has three children: two high school students and a little girl.

We also follow the adventures of the two older ones: Tyler, a baseball fan, and Kyle, crazy about theater. The pretty redhead is my favorite character of the show.

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