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The lightroom mod apk is fast becoming the hottest image editing tool right now. Meanwhile, the call for quality photos has been on the rise recently where we can’t put a picture out there without confirming its beauty and quality.

There have been other tools that perform a similar task which we have heard about. We have the likes of Camera360, B612, Photo grid, snapspeed and a lot more which I believe that you can relate to.

But recently, the Lightroom and Photoshop are becoming the leaders of photo editing tools having a whole lot of amazing features which make them stand out.

Photoshop is the most suitable tool for general photo editing where lightroom seems to focus on the light and color effects of photos.

Whereas the light and colour effects of photos have a lot to speak about the general quality of a photo. Well, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was originally made for PC before the android version of the tool entered the application world.

Meanwhile, there is a better version with more functionalities known as the lightroom mod apk. And I guess that is the reason you are on this page right now.

So check out an overview of the lightroom mod apk below before talking about the app in details.

  • App Developer – Adobe
  • Version –2.2
  • App Category –Photography
  • Size –81mb
  • App Requirement – Android 5.0 and above
  • MOD Feature –Premium Unlocked

You should check out a more detailed review about this app below;

What is Adobe Lightroom Apk?

We have given you a preamble of the app but the Adobe Lightroom Apk is an app that allows you to edit your photos like a pro on your android phone. It also has a camera feature.

This application was designed by Adobe to make photo editing easier for those who have no access to the Mac and PC version.

It can also help everyone snap and edit a photo like an expert. Having this app on your android phone will increase your passion for photography because everything is now made easy.

Features of the Adobe Lightroom Apk


You are bound to find the regular photo editing tools like the cropping, filtering, rotating, and much more. Read in details below;

  • The cropping feature allows you to reduce a photo to various sizes of your choice. Thereby cutting out the unwanted section of the photos.
  • The rotation feature is a little bit more unique in the sense that you are allowed to rotate the photo manually to any angle of your choice. This can be done with your fingers on the screen.
  • The filter feature is more unique and easier to handle because it allows to do this just by sliding on the phone screen. The ability to adjust the lighting and colours of your photos is just another cool feature.

See some of the filter options available in the Adobe Lightroom Apk.

  • Creative– This filter will give your photo a retro feel. Thereby giving it a pro look.
  • Detail– This filter option is nice for people that love realistic looking photos; Photos with details that won’t look loud.
  • Colour– This filter option allows you to choose from a wide range of colours’ to suit your photo taste.
  • Black and White– This filter option will give your photo an ancient feel.

Well, the features mentioned above are the random features on other photo editors. We shall be looking at some mouthwatering features below;

  • Camera Embedded Feature– Only a few photo editors have a camera embedded with them. The Adobe Lightroom Apk allows you to snap great photos.
  • Watermark Feature– This app allows you to include a watermark in your photos. This feature helps you personalize your photos.
  • Brush Healing Feature– This feature allows you to remove unwanted sections of your photos.


You are allowed to share your newly designed photo to your social media handles. This should happen automatically providing that you are logged in to these social media accounts.

The Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk [Full Preset]

I believe you now have the basic knowledge about the Adobe Lightroom Apk that we have discussed above. So it’s time to talk about the lightroom mod full preset.

The lightroom mod apk with presets is a version of the lightroom app which allows you to unlock other premium features of this application for free.

You will find out these premium features below;

  • Its preset feature allows you to make some edits before taking a snapshot.
  • It has a non-destructive editing feature which allows you to always return to your source in case of mistakes.
  • There is a tone curve which allows you to change colours, contrasts, lighting, and tone easily.
  • You can use your finger to select any part of the photo that you which to edit
  • There is an artificial intelligence which allows tagging photos based on how and where they are taking.
  • There are star ratings and a flag option in the setting menu.
  • There is also a cloud storage option which allows you to back up your photos.

What’s New!

  • There is an interactive tutorial session to put you through how the app works.
  • You can perform batch editing.
  • You can now group your albums

How to Download the Lightroom cc 4.0 Full Unlocked Apk

Follow the steps below to properly install the Lightroom Mod Apk;

  1. Uninstall other versions of the Adobe Lightroom Apk on your phone.
  2. Go to your phone settings to enable apps from unknown sources
  3. Download using the links below
  4. Install and Open
  5. It will prompt you to update the app
  6. Click on ‘No Thanks’ to skip
  7. Don’t sign in, just click on ‘No Thanks’ to skip.
  8. Enjoy your Lightroom Mod Apk

Conclusion – Lightroom Mod Apk

I believe you were able to gather a lot of information about the lightroom mod apk. It is now up to you to enjoy your lightroom experience.

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Remember to share your thoughts in about the Lightroom Mod Apk below. Thanks.

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