How About Yaki Barbecue For Next Week End

How About Yaki Barbecue For Next Week End

Do you know Cookut, a “responsible manufacturer of playful and clever kitchen utensils” based near Lyon? The brand I found during the lockdown. Meanwhile, I was to discover one good appliances among a burger grill till I found a cast iron casserole and a nomadic barbecue.

I have been in the house for a few months now (but not for long!), I chose to discover Yaki, the nomadic barbecue. However, being able to use it in the middle of the table and for up to 6 people (we are 5 at the moment) really got my attention.

And thanks to him, we have already had a convivial and lively lunch on the terrace!

The Yaki Barbecue And Accessories Received

I received full deluxe package, sold for pretty good sum, containing containing all in the below:

  1. A transport and storage bag
  2. The complete barbecue with its two grills
  3. A grid lifter
  4. Six bamboo pliers
  5. Six steel skewers with a wooden handle
  6. A Raclette pan
  7. A stainless steel Plancha Grill

8. Charcoal to make three barbecues (14,90€) My barbecue is black. It is also available in blue or terracotta.

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A Charcoal Barbecue Without Smoke or Splashes

Yaki can be used outdoors in a well-ventilated area. Designed with a water tray and a charcoal tray, the nomadic barbecue runs on charcoal and starts up fairly quickly.

If it’s smoke and splatter free, it’s best to wait until the start-up phase is over before completely setting the table.

For use in the middle of the table, it is imperative to avoid all fatty foods likely to create flames or smoke, such as sausages, merguez, marinated meats, etc.

The barbecue is made to be transportable, for example on holiday or in the park. If it is light, you can walk around with it and you have to take into account the cooling time and the necessary water point, whether for the dedicated tray or for a pre-wash.

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My First Barbecue With Cookut’s Yaki

We tested a little bit all the features of the barbecue: grill, skewers, Plancha Grill and frying pan. For our lunch, we cooked new potatoes under the ashes.

All you have to do is wrap them individually in aluminum foil. The same can also be done with a Camembert tin by removing the inner plastic wrapping and wrapping the cheese and tin in aluminum.

We didn’t do it this time, instead taking advantage of the pan to melt some cheese.

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In the pan, we also cooked an egg on the plate. On the plancha Grill, i put some shrimps. On skewers, we cooked cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and beef.

The experience was very nice! We found the convivial side that we know with a Raclette machine or a pancake party.

When we do a barbecue, there is usually always a part of the guests that doesn’t do much (apart from preparing the table, chatting and eating ah ah). With Yaki, everyone manages their grills, shares their advice and associations with their neighbor, etc. An experience to be renewed!

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