Holidays Traveling In France During Covid-19

Considering the health constraints (Covid 19), it seems that a trip to the end of the world is not on the agenda this year.

As for the European cities that might have tempted me, they still have too many cases of COVID-19).

Also, like many French families, we will spend our holidays in France. But I have two imperatives: I want the sea and the heat!

Meanwhile, for the majority of French people, the 2020 summer holidays will be marked by a need to “go green”, a quest for calm and wide open spaces.

Others, like me, will prefer cities, predicting that they will be deserted: city dwellers will only think of fleeing the cities where they have been confined!

Places I Have Been To In My Travels

Marseille and Toulouse are among the places I have been in my travel s.

I have been to each of these cities about ten times. I do go to Toulouse because part of my family lives there while I often visit Marseille for professional reasons.

So for the occasion, I propose to share my favorites in these two destinations, hoping that these brief city guides will make you want to go there. Indeed, I have my little rituals every time. So, let’s begin!

Arriving at the station early, going to Relay for magazines, going to the Daily Monop or Chez Paul to buy lunch for the whole family. Then I get on the train by reading or listening to podcasts all the way to my destination.

Since I have a discount card, I always find first class tickets at a low price. It wasn’t easy to convince Mon Héros to switch from plane to train to Toulouse.

Of course, the SNCF complies with all the strict health measures, and that starts as soon as you buy your tickets: online ticket sales, contact less payment methods and a protective screen at the station ticket offices, hydro alcoholic gel available to all customers, compulsory masks for passengers and staff on the train, disinfection on board before, during and after the journey.

For holidays in France, it will always be train travel in our family. Meanwhile, I have surveyed the city intramural length and breadth. I don’t have any particular accommodation to recommend, as I stay with my family every time I visit. But you should know that there is no shortage of hotels in the Pink City.

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Anyway, whatever the length of your stay may be, here are my top 4 places to visit in Toulouse! Located in the heart of the Ville Rose. So check them out below;

  1. The cloister which was the nerve center of the convent’s life. This place of circulation and meditation is decorated with marble columns and capitals.
  2. The bell tower is an octagonal tower of 4 levels. It is located in a magnificent private mansion that takes you back in time as soon as you cross the porch.
  3. Strolling down the Jardin des Plantes for its Natural History Museum, its flora and fauna (ducks, squirrels, peacocks.) its rides, playgrounds, waffles, etc. An ideal place to go for a
  4. Travelling in France: what to do in Marseille for the holidays? It’s fun because I’ve only been to Marseille personally twice. All my other stays were professional, and for different companies.

As a result, I’ve been staying in private homes as well as in hotels of different standards (3 or 4 stars). But in all cases (except the first time), it is always me who acts as a guide for the members of my family or the colleagues who accompany me!

Now that I have presented my Top 4 must-see visits in Marseille. So, take a step up and discover an exceptional panorama by going to Notre-Dame de la Garde (“The Good Mother” who protects Marseille).

Go there on foot or with the bus 60. You can then go back down and go to the Old Port for a discovery, taste and smell of the city phocéenne. I also recommend the Cathedral la Major, built in neo-Byzantine style.

Of course, I never fail to visit the Panier district (the oldest district in Marseille), which inspired the Mistral district, in the daily soap opera Plus Belle La Vie. And when I’m in Le Panier, I inevitably go to La Vieille Charité (a former hospice converted into a cultural centre).

In the evening, don’t miss the Vallon des Auffes and its romantic sunsets.

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