Enigma And A Confused Mind Thought


Trying not to hide anything from you and God, it is better if i tell you the trust of what going on. Easyman seriously, i have not been truthful to my self and what we had lately, i have been fooling myself.

This sounds not good but i just have to be true to you to set my soul free of all gilts. Easy do you remember one of my whatsapp status about being in relationship and still coughing feelings for someone else outside?

That was my escape plan from all my gilts of cheating on you but i couldn’t see it through because you acted differently from the way i wanted you to. You confuse me a lot with your actions, you always find a way to let things slide.

Well i don’t know why you are like that but i think it is a good way to react to things except other wise. I am left with no choice but to let about my stand through this letter this morning.

I am sorry in advance because this is really going to make your day not too good maybe and maybe not. Easyman, i am very very sorry but this is where it ends between us, sorry for wasting your time.

Confused Confession From the Victim

It is over, i cannot continues fooling you and myself anymore for any reason. It is better to hurt you now once and for all than to continue giving you false hope about our relationship.

It is better late than never, just like the wise saying. Easy please don’t sweat this just let me be, move on, open your heart don’t let me actions make you change about others you are good at it.

Please don’t my decisions forget about falling in love for someone else. There are better ladies for you out their, all i want for you is the best, i am not the best for you seriously.

Just pray for Gods guidance in all you do, pray to God to reveal to you the right person for you. Easy man don’t take this against me please, i don’t even know why i am doing it.

No hi am very sorry that i think i am out my senses, i can’t even remember writing you all those. How on earth would i ever write you such a confused enigmatic confession, i thing i was sleep walking when i wrote it.

Hi really i am sorry that was not me in my right senses, no come to think of it how possible can i break up with someone i love you so much. It is totally impossible and uncalled for for any reason on earth.

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Finally Getting Back On Tract

I know how you think about things and i know how you are feeling about this already. I know you always say “the issues of the hear are only voice out when we are partly unconscious” please my love this is not the case.

Which ever way Temi, i would like to use this medium to tank you for all you have done to me. I would also like to say i have never been with anyone very truthful to me like you before and am letting go now.

Probably, am not good enough for you, please remember this is in case you have chosen the first pert of this letter over the later. Please don’t count this against me i am not like that but if you have already reached conclusion, i cannot stop you.

Please do not hate me, i really love you from my heart and i don’t have any reason to stop loving you. I don’t just know why i had to write all those but i take my fate, whatever it is. Finally i let go of everything and focused on myself, i also made up my mind never to fall for such a mistake again.

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