Diary My Thought In Open

diary of my thought in the open

Yeah, they say diaries are supposed to be private, but this is my thought in the open. Intelligence and smarts are worthless in a man of no conviction, anyone who is willing to live to profess his or her beliefs is common, but those willing to die for what they believe are rare and that’s why a lot of us may never become great.

If you say you have strong convictions about something, you most likely will not wait till the right conditions before you take the first step in the direction of what you believe. Is it a business, or faith, one of life’s many pursuits, or a spiritual experience, or even a relationship. are you really willing?

Often times, the pathway to life itself is dying, because only the living listen to public opinions, feel pain, only they consider the right conditions before they act, and only they would pray for the sun to rise before they make a move.

Sometimes, calculated risks is the reason many never make a move, the deadliness of mind in excuse of praying for a sign – all the sign we need is the life we already have and the mind to conceive a vision, until we are willing to give it all it takes, then it takes all we were never willing to give.

I sit here thinking to myself, when the last time it was, that I was willing to die. “A seed will always tell of the tree it could become, until it is willing to die.”

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