Cheer up and Cry No More

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It truly hurts to be in love, when the person you love sees you as a friend. You try all your best to hold on deeply to him but it all seems like a futile attempt. Love is a very complicated matter. Even the wisest of men could never understand it at all.

So it is okay to cry a little bit but don’t cry for long. Life has a very funny way of treating a person. Today you fall and the next day you are soaring in the sky. Heartbreaks is bound to happen in this world.

But we would always emerge victorious. If we truly put our mind in it Cry no more for the live that is gone For most passing ships never return to the harbor. Sad incidents are no hindrance to the beautiful glorious future. We just need the courage to move on.

What we do with the situations life presents to us. Is what makes us victorious and special We have to face all the challenges with confidence.
Don’t break your heart over a love you can not have. Just let it go and a better one would come soon.

No matter how much it hurts you truly. Try your best to truly endure it. What makes one weak makes one stronger


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