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Bad piggies mod apk

Bad piggies mod apk is actually a puzzle video type of game that is developed by the Rovio entertainment which was their first spin off of angry birds game. And the game readily available on android, iOS, windows, mac as well as blackberry and windows phone.

As the game is available to variety of mobile device, so you don’t need to worry of any kind of game that you may be using. You should carefully go through the information on this article and get the description of the game.

The features of the game that make it interesting will also be given and it will make you want to have it on your mobile device. So this article will give you the detail information concerning the bad piggies game.

Bad piggies mod apk description

Name Pad Piggies Game
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Category Puzzle
Size 80 MB
Version Latest

Its is good you are here, I can say you a lucky person if actually you a game lover because I will introducing this interesting game to you. This game is the type that you really need to get on your device.

The game is like angry birds game in which the player assists the minion pigs in the contraption building which travel on both air and land. It’s aim is to collect a piece of map to ultimately capture the angry birds eggs and take it away.

The bad piggies game is the type of game that it’s objective is to build a contraption that transports the pigs. With the aim of traveling down of the pig from the start point to the finishing line of the map.

The player in this bad piggies game can earn stars upto like three starts in each of the level being played. As stars are not earn by scoring points but players can automatically earn a star after completing the level.

Features of bad piggies mod apk

In the game of bad piggies, the contraptions in the game are made up of wood and/or it can be made of iron like angry birds. Other objects for contraptions include wheels, two liter bottles, umbrellas, motors, fans, springs, TNT, ballons, ropes, and rockets.

The actual features of the game include the following:

  1. The game aim at completing the level with a certain time limit like ten seconds.
  2. It involve the collection of one or two star boxes on the playing ground of the game.
  3. It also involve exception of usage of a certain part such as wheel, umbrella and so on.
  4. Actual keeping of the contraption intact.
  5. Also transportation of the king along with the pig.
  6. It involve transporting the egg and it is necessary for night flight in the game.
  7. And lastly, transportation of the Halloween candy in the game.

The above listed are the features of the bad piggies game which should be noted if you need to play the game. So with the description of the game, you can now get the game on your device but for more enquiry contact us or forward your question below.

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