10 Ways To Mix Your Dresses To Feel New Without Buying New Cloths

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During the confinement I did a lot of sorting in my dressing room  and I took a lot of pleasure in finding, wearing and associating pieces I already owned! I’m now trying to take a different approach to buying new clothes. Now i have decided to ask myself the following questions before ever buying any dress

  1. Do I really need it
  2. Am I really going to wear this piece a lot
  3. Am I really going to wear this piece a lot
  4. Can I associate it differently with different pieces

Finally came up with some really cool tips to renew your dresses and make it feel new as if you have just got new dresses. These tips can be of great help to me and of course can be of use to you too, so you should check them out. 

Below are my top ten tips to renew your dresses without shopping.

Mix Dress Colors Differently With Other Dresses

Getting out of your comfort zone and mixing colors you’re not used to wearing together is a great way to create new outfits with things you already have in your closets! At the moment, I really like to mix camel with pink. This  allows me to bring back some camel autumn clothes by mixing them with my spring pieces! I also really like the surprising combination of red and pink, it’s super fresh and bright! It’s up to you to find the associations you like and that you’re not used to making among the colors you have in your closets!

Pull Back Your Clothes

Roll up the sleeves of a shirt or dress or the bottom of a pair of shorts or jeans to give the room a whole new look! I especially like to roll up the sleeves of shirts to give them a more casual look, I think it’s hot! By the way, if you want to learn how to roll up the sleeves of your shirts perfectly, I highly recommend a tutorial from J.Crew.

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Wear Scarves

It’s clearly the accessory I couldn’t live without! A scarf can be worn in a thousand ways and can totally transform an outfit! You can wear it In the hair, around the waist like a belt, around the neck knotted in a thousand ways. It always brings a touch of color and sophistication! I love it! If you need ideas, I’m preparing a tutorial for you soon?

Think About Hats and Headgears

Hats, berets and other headgear are my favorite accessories! They can totally transform the simplest of outfits by adding the little touch that makes the difference! In summer I swear by straw hats and in winter I love hats, felts and woolen hats!

Mix & Match Styles

You can mix a blazer jacket with a cooler outfit, sneakers with a dress, pumps with jeans, flat sneakers with a silk dress, a wicker basket with a dressy outfit.  Meanwhile by mixing your casual pieces with your more dressy ones, you can create lots of new outfit options in a flash!

Think About Monochrome Looks

I was talking above about mixing colors in unusual ways, but also think about monochrome looks! I love to wear the same color from head to toe (or almost), at least we’re sure that everything goes together?


The white monochrome look is one of my favorites! Risky indeed, but so chic in my eyes! If you don’t know what to wear as underwear under the white, I had written an article on the subject.

Use And Abuse Seat Belts

Belts are one of my favorite accessories because they can be worn in so many different ways: on a vest, a dress, a blazer or even a shirt! Belts allow you to structure the silhouette and change the look of a room in an instant!

Wear Your Clothes the Other Way Round

It’s a trick that doesn’t work with all clothes, but when it does, it can really make a room look different. When I say “wear the other way around” I mean wear the front to the back or vice versa! I mostly do it with sweaters or vests inside out (i.e. the back instead of the front or the other way around), but it also works with a shirt!

Tie Your Clothes

In summer, I love to tie the bottom of my shirts to break their overly sophisticated side! It also works very well with T-shirts to make them a little shorter, more curved and more summery!

It also works great if you wear a shirt over a dress or a t-shirt for example, it gives a super cool look that I love! Think about taking back the pieces you no longer wear

Sometimes we let certain pieces sleep in the closet when a simple touch-up would allow us to wear them! Adjusting the size, shortening the length, cutting the sleeves, changing the shape of the neckline.

I have given new life to several of my pieces by having them reworked! We don’t think about it enough! In Paris I go to Alice Couture in the 17th which is great and very good advice 😉

Also think about simply changing the buttons on a jacket, coat or shirt to give it a different style!  How about you? Do you have any tips on how to freshen up your wardrobe without necessarily making new purchases? 

Have a good week!

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